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Hello, my name is Joshua I am 6 years old. I used to be the baby of the family but now I have a baby sister Hanna Banana also known as bubblegum and other things I can not say. But I am still the only boy. I have two older sisters that give me a hard time but I know they love me. I am in the 1st grade and love my teacher Mrs. Weber, she used to be my sister sara's teacher. I miss my kindergarten girlfriend Sinead but have a new girlfriend this year, Amy.

Joshua was born on April 10, 1998 at 1:07 P.M. I knew from the time I got pregnant that he was a boy. I was very excited as we had two girls. Another girl would have been OK but I sure am glad we got Joshua. He weighed in at 7lbs and was 18 3/8 inches. Joshua is as sweet and lovable as his sister's but he too has a little mischievous streak in him.

Joshua is a cuddly little boy and loves to play with his sisters, he adores Hanna and I always catch them giving hugs and kisses. Gabrielle and Joshua are more like partners in crime and tend to pick on Sara when the mood strikes. He used to get lonely when both of his sisters were at school but now he also goes to school and can not wait to get on the playground. He is a great big brother and is very gentle and lovely with his sisters even though the give him a hard time.

His best friend is Teddy and he always like to go to his house. I think he likes going to Teddy's because he can actually get away from the "girls". They can spend hours playing and eating pizza. They both like Rescue Heroes, Spider Man and you can not forget SPORTS. Joshua and Teddy have been friends since they were three.

Joshua has made some friend since he has been in school, and his best friend at school is Byrce. He has a lot of fun with Bryce and they enjoy playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and game cube. The also spend a lot of time outdoors exploring, mainly bugs but no the less fasinated by whatever game they create out there.

Joshua is always asking for a new puppy.  I tell him when his younger sister is in school we will see.  But this does not stop him from trying again and again, with those big blue eyes and and a soft "Please".

He still loves to give mommy hugs and kisses as well as rub my back or brush my hair. He is very sweet and gentle. During the day he never seems to hear me when I ask him to pick up his clothes or toys but he never gives me a hard time when it comes to going to bed, I guess he enjoys getting away from all the girls at the end of the day. He loves to be on the go at all times and will sometimes fall asleep in his favorite basketball beanbag.  He is my big boy now but will always remain my baby.

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